Why is the strategy being updated?

    The Basin Plan sets out a number of reviews to support adaptive management. This includes the Basin-wide environmental watering strategy, which must be reviewed at least every five years since it was last reviewed. The strategy was first developed in 2014, so it needs to be updated by November 2019.

    Has the existing Basin-wide Watering Strategy been effective?

    Yes. Stakeholder feedback on the Strategy has shown that, since its release in 2014, it has helped guide the planning, management and monitoring of water for the environment across the Basin. 

    It has coordinated the use of water for the environment by providing an agreed set of expected environmental outcomes and strategies to manage all water in the system that is available to improve and support the Basin’s water-dependent ecosystems.

    What is the Basin-wide environmental watering strategy?

    This Strategy is the long-term watering strategy for the whole Basin. 

    It is complemented by regional long-term watering plans for each water resource plan area. 

    The Strategy and the regional plans guide annual decisions about what needs watering at a basin scale and at a regional scale. 

    Together, these elements form the framework for managing water for the environment in the Basin.

    Who uses the Basin-wide Watering Strategy?

    Basin governments and Basin environmental water holders use the Strategy to help them plan the delivery of environmental water to the Basin’s rivers, floodplains and wetlands.  

    The Strategy provides the basis for how local watering actions contribute towards the basin-scale environmental improvements.

    How might the review impact on the Basin Plan?

    Basin states’ long-term watering plans must be reviewed and updated if the Authority publishes a new strategy that materially affects them. 

    Other implications in regard to Water Resource Plans and Constraints Management are also possible.  Because of this, we're taking a staged approach to reviewing the Strategy. 

    Has the review started?

    Yes. We started in 2018 with an internal review of the Strategy. We then surveyed water planners, policy makers, water planners, government and non-government organisations, scientists, river operators and other groups (including Indigenous groups).

    This provided useful insights into how the Strategy is used and what aspects need review.