What will the co-design process involve?

    The co-design process will occur over three months and is being led by the Research Consortium in collaboration with the Commonwealth partners.

    The process will involve a series of theme based workshops between Commonwealth end-users and researchers to refine the research questions and to co-develop research plans.

    Stakeholder workshops and briefings will be used to allow for input into the research development and to establish an engagement approach for the 4 years.

    How is the program governed?

    The program is overseen by a Governing Panel.

    The Governing Panel comprises the:

    • Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder
    • First Assistant Secretary, Water Division, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE)
    • Executive Director, Science, Knowledge and Engagement, MDBA
    • and is independently chaired by Professor Rob Vertessy.  

    The program is administered by the MDBA under a Memorandum of Understanding with DAWE.

    What will the program invest in?

    The program will invest in:

    - The strategic research program through the Murray–Darling Water and Environment Research Consortium. 

    - Tactical investment through short-term and targeted projects to assist with addressing emerging issues. These will be identified through Commonwealth partners.

    - Practical information for water managers: Synthesis and communication products that summarise existing science for water managers.