What will the co-design process involve?

    The co-design process will occur over three months and is being led by the Research Consortium in collaboration with the Commonwealth partners. The process will involve a series of Theme based workshops between Commonwealth end-users and researchers to refine the research questions and to co-develop research plans. Stakeholder workshops and briefings will be used to allow for input into the research development and to establish an engagement approach for the four years.

    How is the Program governed?

    The Program is overseen by a Governing Panel. The Governing Panel comprises the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH), First Assistant Secretary, Water Division, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (AWE); MDBA Executive Director, Science, Knowledge and Engagement and is independently chaired by Professor Rob Vertessy 

    The Program is administered by the MDBA under a Memorandum of Understanding with DAWE.

    What will the Program invest in?

    The Program will invest in:

    - The strategic research program through the Murray-Darling Water and Environment Research Consortium. 

    - Tactical investments, short term and targeted projects, to assist with addressing emerging issues. These will be identified through Commonwealth partners.

    - Practical information for water managers: Synthesis and communication products that summarise existing science for water managers.