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Fish need flowing rivers

Snags on the Barwon River, NSW. Photo by MDBA

Flow has a major influence on the life cycles of native fish, and different species respond differently to different flows.

Flow triggers spawning, fish movement along rivers, and breeding. Flow isn’t the only thing needed but without the right flows at the right time, fish populations can’t be sustained.

Returning suitable flow conditions is a key action that can help native fish.

The environmental water planning team here at the MDBA work closely with scientists to understand the flow and connectivity requirements that will benefit native fish, and build strong populations across the Murray-Darling Basin.

To help water managers deliver suitable flows for fish, we have identified three Basin-wide environmental watering priorities.

The priorities aim to:

  • reinstate flows that promote life cycle processes across the southern connected Basin

  • improve flow regimes and connectivity in the Barwon–Darling river system

  • support threatened native fish and build on opportunities to expand the area in which they occur

For further information on basin-wide environmental watering priorities, visit:

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